Fragments of Unbecoming “Skywards – Chapter II – a Sylphe’s Ascension”

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ARTIST: Fragments of Unbecoming
ALBUM: Skywards – Chapter II – a Sylphe’s Ascension
RELEASE DATE: 09/02/04

01. Up From The Blackest Of Soil (Ascension Theme)
02. The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway
03. Shapes Of The Pursuers
04. Skywards: A Sylphe’s Ascension
05. Mesmerized
06. Entangled Whispers In The Death
07. Scattered To The Four Winds
08. On A Scars Edge To Infinity
09. Lour Pulse
10. Fear My Hatred
11. Insane Chaosphere
12. Life’s Last Embers (Farewell Theme)