THE OCEAN debut “Pelagial World Tour video blog part 1″!

- 07/02/14 –

THE OCEAN have posted a brand new tour documentary from their 2013 Pelagial World Tour over on their youtube channel. With quality similar to their recently released “Collective Oblivion” triple DVD, this documentary follows the band through The Summer Slaughter Tour, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Russia. It’s truly an in depth look into what it’s like to tour on a worldwide scale as an underground metal band; and it’s only the first of two parts! View part one now at

THE OCEAN will be playing a small German tour starting in approximately two weeks time.

+ Der Weg Einer Freiheit
21/02/13 DE – Leipzig – Cone Island
22/02/13 DE – Potsdam – Waschhaus
23/02/13 DE – Braunschweig – Hansa Kultur Club
24/02/13 DE – Wiesbaden – Räucherkammer
25/02/13 DE – Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
26/02/13 DE – Augsburg – Kantine
27/02/13 DE – Bochum – Matrix
28/02/13 DE – Rostock – Mau Club
01/03/13 DE – Osnabrück – Kleine Freiheit

THE OCEAN fans will notice a change in the lineup from the last time around, as they’ve added drummer Paul Seidel, and guitarist Damian Murdoch to replace Luc Hess and Jona Nido, who departed the band on mutual terms late last year. Live videos have been made available from The Summer Slaughter Tour stop at the Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Fans can watch “Demersal: Cognitive Dissonance” (featuring guest vocals from CJ of Thy Art is Murder) HERE.

THE OCEAN’s highly anticipated triple-DVD release, Collective Oblivion, is available in stores and on-line. Collective Oblivion is something the band has been teasing for quite a while. Fans saw a glimpse of what sort of content would be on this release in the form of tour updates on YouTube, including: Russia 2012 video blog, The Ocean in China, The Ocean North American tour blog 2011, and more. Finally, fans will be able to see this thorough and expansive look at The Ocean’s career and touring experiences, including the Heliocentric record release show with an extended line-up of 13 musicians on stage; as well as a special performance at the museum for musical instruments in Berlin, and much, much more!

‘Collective Oblivion’ includes:
- Multiple camera shots of three full live concerts with a total of 21 individual song performances
- 130 minutes of The Ocean history, as told by band members, past and present
- 175 minutes of tour documentaries and live footage filmed in North America, Asia, Russia, Australia, and Europe
- 2 previously unreleased video clips off Anthropocentric songs – old video clips & live visuals
- 10 extra individual song performances filmed around the globe
- Total run time of 500 minutes!

Collective Oblivion comes in a stunning hardcover/book-style packaging with brass-foil print. The book contains 3 DVDs and a +30 pages booklet, with loads of photos, tour diaries and writings by band members and by director Alex Kraudelt, who dedicated two and a half years of his life to traveling with The Ocean around the globe. Collective Oblivion is the end result of this long odyssey, which produced a total of 28 terabyte of video data for editing. View the trailer for Collective Oblivion at

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