PILGRIM: Rhode Island Doom conjurors premiere new tune at Invisible Oranges!

- 11/03/14 –

Today, Rhode Island doom conjurors, PILGRIM, hurl forth “Void Worship” the latest carol off the band’s forthcoming new long player, “II: Void Worship.”

Hear the amplifier worship of “Void Worship” now playing at Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, you can still check out third hymn, “The Paladin”, and pre-order your copies at: http://www.metalblade.com/pilgrim.

Wielding eight new epic tracks laden with tales of swords and sorcery, death, doom and destruction, II: Void Worship was recorded at Moonlight Mile Recording by audio architect Mike Moebius and supplies an extraordinary quality of tone and heaviness. With II: Void Worship, PILGRIM takes a new approach to their songwriting, replacing meditated, repetitive hypnosis-inducing dirges with more calculated and demented power-house riffs. They build, shape, and climb into frenzied climaxes and fade into sweet sonic releases, molding perfectly crafted rock songs into twisting spires of evil doom metal masterpieces. It is obvious that PILGRIM has matured, both musically and as individuals, in their past two years of global conquest.

II: Void Worship track listing:
1. Intro
2. Master’s Chamber
3. The Paladin
4. Arcane Sanctum
5. In The Process of Evil
6. Void Worship
7. Dwarven March
8. Away From Here

II: Void Worship is scheduled for release on April 1, 2014 in North America, and on March 28/31 in Europe/UK via Metal Blade Records.


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