Metal Blade releases the next batch of NEAERA catalogue vinyl re-issues!

- 08/08/19 –

‘Armamentarium’ and ‘Omnicide – Creation Unleashed’ available for pre-order!

This month, Metal Blade Records will continue re-issueing the NEAERA catalogue chronologcially on vinyl. After releasing the first two albums ‘The Rising Tide Of Oblivion‘ and ‘Let The Tempest Come‘, now the next two albums will get the vinyl treatment for the first time ever! Both albums will be released August 30th – pre-order now!

Here’s the available versions:

-180g black vinyl
-light olive-green/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
-clear-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
-yellow-white splatter vinyl (ltd. 100 – MB Shop-exclusive)
-red-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)

Omnicide – Creation Unleashed
-180g black vinyl
-red-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
-white vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
-blood-splatter vinyl (ltd. 100 – MB Shop-exclusive)
-clear-black marbled (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)

Pre-order your copies now from the Metal Blade Shop!

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