KETZER releases studio trailer in support of new album “Starless”!

- 08/12/15 –

German KETZER will release their brand new album “Starless” on January, 29th through Metal Blade Records!

The band has now launched a video trailer for “Starless” where you can get a glimpse of the atmosphere during the recordings. Surf over to the landing page at to check it out! Make also sure to check out the title track and surf through the pre-order section, there’s exclusive bundles available! “Starless” will be available on CD, LP and through all digital outlets.

In the summer of 2015 KETZER entered the studio for the first time in four years. After two months of intense work the band finished recording it’s third album – “Starless“!

It is just now that we are realizing what we have done during this summer: We recorded an album which is very free from any boundaries and pre-conceived notions that you can find ever so often within the genre of heavy metal. From sounds of raging fury, to the echoes of calm and cleansing waves – “Starless” is an album that will take you on a journey that is unexpected, yet familiar at the same time. “Starless” is going to explore the crack between religion and reality. Is there a truth in between? Centuries ago, humankind looked up into the star filled night skies, questioning the universe and their lives within it. In order to find answers, mythology was born. But religion and myths cannot connect to the world we live in today. They have blinded the night skies – hence, we have become “starless”. Join us to sing songs of the universe and play tunes of the spheres!

Starless” Tracklist:
1. Starless
2. When Milk Runs Dry
3. Godface
4. Count To Ten
5. The Hunger
6. White Eyes
7. Shaman’s Dance
8. Silence And Sound
9. Earthborn
10. Limbo

KETZER (German for “heretic”) is a highly professional and extreme metal outfit hailing from Cologne, Germany and ready to set the World afire with their new album “Starless” to be released in early 2016!

KETZER‘s debut album ‘Satan’s Boundaries Unchained‘ is one of the most critically acclaimed Black/Thrash Records of the past years. With the second album entitled ‘Endzeit Metropolis‘, they have progressed in their musical direction once more. After the release of two full-length albums and playing three extensive tours throughout Europe and the United States, the band is far from reaching its peak!

A brand new 7″ featuring two new songs has been released November, 27th. Both songs (“Starless” and “Count To Ten“) were recorded during a demo session in December of 2014. The “Starless” 7″ will be available in four limited editions (black/white/gold/marbled) and can be pre-ordered at THIS location.


Gerrit – Vocals
Marius – Guitars
Chris – Guitars
David – Bass
Sören – Drums

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