FATES WARNING: ‘Perfect Symmetry’ and ‘Parallels’ Digi-CD and LP re-issues now available for pre-order via Metal Blade Records!

- 16/11/17 –

To be released January, 12th!

On January 12th, Metal Blade Records will re-issue two of FATES WARNING‘s fan-favorite albums, ‘Perfect Symmetry‘ (1989) and ‘Parallels‘ (1991)!

The vinyl re-issues are part of the Originals-series. Both ‘Perfect Symmetry‘ and ‘Parallels‘ will be released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts. Both have received a new vinyl mastering by Patrick W. Engel.

The CDs are 4-page-Digipaks with poster booklets, featuring five bonus tracks each!

Parallels‘ Tracklist CD:
01 Leave the Past Behind
02 Life in Still Water
03 Eye to Eye
04 The Eleventh Hour
05 Point Of View
06 We Only Say Goodbye
07 Don’t Follow Me
08 The Road Goes on Forever
09 Leave the Past Behind (demo)*
10 Eye to Eye (demo)*
11 Eleventh Hour (demo)*
12 Point of View (demo)*
13 Don’t Follow Me (demo)*
* Bonus Tracks (pre-production demos, mastered by Brad Vance)

Perfect Symmetry‘ Tracklist CD:
01 Part Of The Machine
02 Through Different Eyes
03 Static Acts
04 A World Apart
05 At Fate’s Hands
06 The Arena
07 Chasing Time
08 Nothing Left To Say
09 Part Of The Machine (Demo)*
10 Through Different Eyes (Demo)*
11 Static Acts (Demo)*
12 The Arena (Demo)*
13 Nothing Left To Say (Demo)*
* Bonus Tracks (pre-production demos recorded Feb 89 at Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank CA)

See below for an overview of all vinyl versions. Pre-order your copies now via EMP or at our ebay-store!

Parallels‘ “Originals-Series” LP re-issue
–180g Black Vinyl
–wine-red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 300)
–clear light salmon col. vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 200)
–ochre brown marbled vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 500)

Perfect Symmetry‘ “Originals-Series” LP re-issue
–180g Black Vinyl
–white/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 300)
–clear lavender marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – ltd. 200)
–violet blue marbled vinyl (US exclusive – ltd. 500)


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