THE OCEAN vermelden Line-Up-Wechsel! ‘Collective Oblivion’ 3-DVD ab sofort erhältlich!

- 13/11/13 –

THE OCEAN haben leider ein paar Line-Up Wechsel zu verkünden. Bitte lest die folgenden Statements der Bandmitglieder.

THE OCEAN: “As most of you will already know by now, Luc and Jona are leaving the band at the end of this tour. They have given us fair notice of their departure in June this year, so that we would have enough time to find replacements.”

Luc Hess comments:
“I’m getting to this point where i feel like everything I could bring to this band, i already have. And everything I learned music-wise from it can’t go any further. This is a tough decision, but i’ve been thinking this through since a while already. I have no regrets at all, it was most certainly one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived, and I am more than happy we’ve been through this together. I feel very thankful and grateful that you guys trusted me and shared these moments over the last 5 years.”

Jona Nido comments:
“There are obviously a ton of reasons for that to happen now. These include artistic divergence, full-time commitment to a project that isn’t 100% fulfilling anymore and other stuff like not wanting to deal with certain aspects/restrictions of what an established/touring act requires for its production and also the way things are generally working, especially on a personal level.”

Robin Staps continues:
“These guys have dedicated the time of their lives to playing live with this band, and I am grateful for sharing what has always been essentially my own vision of this band with me for almost 6 years. Jona has written great songs for “Anthropocentric”, and Luc has coined and personalized the sound of this band with his hard-hitting, creative approach to drumming. But over the past 2 years of intense touring, we have grown apart as musicians and as people, and it has gotten to a point where it was unfulfilling for everyone involved.

“A divorce usually hurts, but it always also opens up new horizons. We are happy to announce that Paul Seidel will be the new drummer in The Ocean. Paul is currently playing in War From A Harlot’s Mouth, who are going on indefinite hiatus at the end of the year, as well as in Dioramic and Wassbass. He also gives drum lessons in Berlin and knows from the experience with his own bands what it’s like to tour America, Europe and Australia. To get a taste of Paul’s drumming, watch this:

“This clip only represents a small fraction of Paul repertoire and abilities. We have only had 3 rehearsals with Paul so far, but it has clicked from the beginning both on a musical and personal level. I would have never thought that I could find another drummer who plays at the same level as Luc, but now I am sure that Paul will not only follow in Luc’s footsteps, but also stray from the path and bring new, exciting things to the table. I always knew that Paul was a machine who wouldn’t struggle with fast stuff like in ‘Disequilibrated’ or ‘The Wish In Dreams’, but watching him enjoy playing some of the slow and calm songs with so much feeling and energy really made me aware of how awesome and versatile a drummer he really is. Paul was the only drummer we auditioned, and after we did, there was no desire to try out anyone else.”

Paul Seidel adds:
“I’m very pleased to officially announce, that I’ll be joining forces with THE OCEAN. I am glad, both musically and on a personal scale, to walk new paths and broaden my horizon. My personal approach has always been to overcome genre boundaries as well as stereotypes, to swim against the current and to play or enjoy music apart from conventional habits. THE OCEAN have ever since implemented a conceptual urge in the context of progressive music and have never been afraid to dare to experiment. Therefore, I am more than looking forward to getting creative and contribute my part to the art of THE OCEAN.”

THE OCEAN streamen nach wie vor den kompletten China-Chapter der soeben veröffentlichten 3-DVD Collective Oblivion über

Collective Oblivion hat die Band in letzter Zeit immer mal wieder angeteasert. Fans konnten sich auf youtube schon ein kleines Bild davon machen, was der Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung werden könnte, inklusive: Russia 2012 video blog, The Ocean in China, The Ocean North American tour blog 2011 und mehr. Nun haben Fans endlich die Möglichkeit, diesen gründlichen und ausgedehnten Blick in die Karriere von THE OCEAN und ihre Erfahrungen auf Tour (inkl. der Heliocentric Record Release Show mit 13-köpfigem Line-up, einer speziellen Performance am Museum für Musikinstrumente in Berlin und vielem mehr) zu bestellen.

Collective Oblivion enthält u.a.:
- mit zahlreichen Kameras gedrehte Mitschnitte von drei kompletten Konzerten mit einer Gesamtzahl von 21 Songs
- 130 Minuten THE OCEAN History, erzählt von aktuellen und vergangenen Bandmitgliedern
- 175 Minuten Tourdokumentation und Livematerial aus Nordamerika, Asien, Russland, Australien und Europa
- eine Gesamtspielzeit von 500 Minuten!

Collective Oblivion erscheint im Hardcover-/Buchstil mit Foliendruck. Das Buch enthält drei DVDs und ein Booklet mit mehr als 30 Seiten voll von Fotos, Tourtagebüchern und Texten von Bandmitgliedern und Regisseur Alex Kraudelt, der 2 ½ Jahre seines Lebens damit verbrachte, zusammen mit THE OCEAN um den Erdball zu reisen. Collective Oblivion ist das Endergebnis dieser langen Odyssee, an deren Ende insgesamt 28 Terrabyte Videomaterial zur Sichtung standen!

Den Trailer zu Collective Oblivion und alle Bestellmöglichkeiten finden sich hier:

Außerdem befinden sich THE OCEAN im Oktober und November in Europa auf Tour. Alle Dates finden sich unten und auf

31/10/13 NL – Rotterdam – Baroeg
01/11/13 UK – London – The Garage
02/11/13 UK – Leeds – Damnation Festival
03/11/13 FR – Paris – Divan du Monde
04/11/13 FR – Aix-en-Provence – Le Korigan
05/11/13 ES – Barcelona – Apolo 2
06/11/13 ES – Madrid – Caracol
07/11/13 PT – Porto – Hard Club
08/11/13 ES – Bilbao – Santana 27
09/11/13 IT – Torino – Audiodrome
10/11/13 IT – Rome – Traffic
11/11/13 SI – Ljubljana – Gala Hala
12/11/13 DE – München – Backstage Club
13/11/13 CH – Winterthur – Salzhaus
14/11/13 FR – Belfort – La Poudriere
15/11/13 DE – Essen – Zeche Car
16/11/13 DE – Karlsruhe – Die Stadtmitte
17/11/13 DE – Berlin – Lido
18/11/13 PL – Warsaw – Progresja
19/11/13 PL – Wroclaw – Alibi

20/11/13 AT – Wien – Viper Room
21/11/13 HU – Budapest – A38
22/11/13 RO – Cluj-Napoca – Gambinus Pub
23/11/13 RO – Bucharest – Fabrica
24/11/13 BG – Sofia – t.b.a.
25/11/13 GR – Athens – Gagarin 205
26/11/13 GR – Thessaloniki – Eightball
27/11/13 RS – Belgrade – Club Fest
28/11/13 BA – Sarajevo – Cinema Kriterion

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