OVER YOUR THRESHOLD blicken auf Tour mit OBSCURA zurück!

- 16/04/13 –

Die Münchner Prog-Deather von OVER YOUR THRESHOLD sind gerade von ihrer ersten Europa Tour als Support von OBSCURA und ihren Labelmates AEON zurückgekehrt.

Lest hier einen Rückblick auf besagte Tour und Neuigkeiten zu einem Besetzungswechsel innerhalb der Band:

“After having hit the road in Germany and Austria, fucking awesome locations, crazy and breathtaking audiences and simply the best possible company we could have with all the bands and the crew we toured with, OVER YOUR THRESHOLD is back home at last.

However, the end of this memorable tour brings some good and some less good results for as. As for the bad one: After the Zurich show, we also have to cancel our gigs in Finland this April. Independently of each other, our new drummer and bassist had to face an unpredictable incidence in their private lives, which makes it impossible for them to attend the shows. We feel deeply sorry about this, but it’s not the end of the road. Sooner or later, Finland will have to deal with us!

As for the good result: Yes, you’ve seen right! New Drummer! Originally introduced as our tour drummer filling in for Julian, we are excited to inform you that Benedikt Merl has become a permanent member of OVER YOUR THRESHOLD and the official drummer. Working with him went fluently in every way right from the beginning, and last but not least he proved himself as a reliable and skilled musician perfectly fitting for us. We parted ways with Julian on amicable terms and wish him all the best for his future and forthcoming music career.

Feeling reinvigorated, we now will put our focus on writing and composing tracks for the next album. A new line-up means new influences in the band and the songs, and we hope to give you a foretaste of what is to come as soon as possible.”

OVER YOUR THRESHOLD haben ihr Debüt Facticity letztes Jahr auf Metal Blade veröffentlicht. Musik, Videos, ein T-Shirt und die CD gibt es hier: metalblade.com/overyourthreshold


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