NIGHTFALL veröffentlichen Videoclip zu ‘Stellar Parallax’!

- 01/05/13 –

Die griechischen Symphonic Metaller NIGHTFALL haben den ersten Videoclip zu ihrem neuen Album Cassiopeia veröffentlicht!

Im Video sieht man die Band in ihrem Proberaum, wo sie Stellar Parallax performen.

Klickt HIER und schaut euch Stellar Parallax an!

“Simply and to the point Christos managed to film the dynamics of the band performing this super cool track”, kommentiert die Band und fährt fort: “Stellar Parallax is yet another song inspired by astronomy. Symbolically the title refers to the different point of views people have and fight over. Understanding the true reasons someone’s opinion is not identical to yours relieves you from the obnoxious feeling of disrespect and hate you may feel out of believing the other side is simply trying to deceit you. Understand and Forgive. This is essential in a world of perpetual motion where points of references, conditions, and statuses change continuously.”

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