DEW-SCENTED als direkter Support von TESTAMENT im März bestätigt!

- 26/02/13 –

Für die Full Metal Cruise in Mai bestätigt! Speziellen Geburtstagsrelease komplettiert!

DEW-SCENTED sind soeben als Direktsupport der anstehenden Europatour von TESTAMENT bestätigt worden!

16/03/13 – IT – Reggio Emilia – Tempo Rock Club
17/03/13 – DE – Nürnberg – Rockfabrik
18/03/13 – DE – Dresden – Schlachthof
20/03/13 – DE – Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
21/03/13 – DE – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
22/03/13 – DE – Hamburg – Docks
23/03/13 – DE – Köln – Live Music Hall
25/03/13 – DE – München – Backstage
26/03/13 – CZ – Prague – Nova Chmelnice
27/03/13 – PL – Krakow – Studio Club
28/03/13 – DE – Berlin – Huxley’s Neue Welt
31/03/13 – FR – Paris – La Machine

Einen TESTAMENT Trailer gibt es hier:

DEW-SCENTED kommentieren wie folgt: “We are highly excited about this opportunity and look forward to some intense shows! Make sure to grab your tickets for this awesome package (rounded off by Bleed From Within) soon and come meet us at the shows!”

“This recent tour confirmation has caused us to postpone the previously announced shows in France with No Return. We apologize for any inconvenience this might produce and will be hopefully announcing re-scheduled dates for later this year very soon. Thank you for your understanding. However, we will still be appearing at Chaulnes Metal Fest on the 30th of March, 2013 since this show doesn’t clash with the other newly added dates. See you there!”

DEW-SCENTED sind für die kommende Full Metal Cruise, welche vom 5. bis 12. Mai über die Bühne geht, bestätigt. Hier die Route der Kreuzfahrt: Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Amsterdam und zurück nach Hamburg. Andere teilnehmende Bands: Kreator, Heaven Shall Burn, Firewind, Sabaton, Gamma Ray, Doro und viele andere.

Die Band kann es kaum erwarten: “We truly look forward to joining the Full Metal Cruise 2013 and we promise to thrash the boat at its hardest! Raise the cups!”

Mehr Infos hier: /

“Other than that, we are currently wrapping up the mix for the new studio recordings we just did for a special DEW-SCENTED anniversary release. It’s sounding awesome and the album should be coming out before the summer! Look out for more details soon…”

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