ALLEGAEON launchen “A Path Disclosed” Videoclip bei Blank TV!

- 04/09/12 –

Die Colorado-Metaller von ALLEGAEON haben am 11. August beim Bohemian Nights Festival in Fort Collins, CO performed und sind damit die erste Metalband überhaupt, die bei diesem Festival aufgetreten ist. Ein echtes Highlight also, das auch auf der Festivalseite unter entsprechend gewürdigt worden ist.

ALLEGAEON haben den Tag voll ausgenutzt und einen Videoclip zum Song A Path Disclosed ihres aktuellen Albums Formshifter abgedreht. Das Video enhält Backstage- und Liveaufnahmen und kann ab sofort HIER bei Blank TV angesehen werden!

Gitarrist Ryan Glisan: “We are beyond honored to be the first metal band that has ever been asked to play New West Fest and hope that it opens the doors to have more in the future, the show was a blast and the crowd was amazing, it was a treat. Also, we shot some footage for a live style music video, which is “A Path Disclosed” from “Formshifter”. Enjoy!”

ALLEGAEONs zweites Album Formshifter ist auf Platz 29 in den Billboard New Artist Charts und auf Platz 99 in den Top Hard Music Albums Charts in den USA eingestiegen! Formshifter hat auch hervorragende Presseresultate eingefahren, zum Beispiel eine 4 von 5 Punkten Rezi im Kerrang Magazine: “It’s not just the magnificently blended barrage of monstrous riffs and insidious hooks. Nor is it solely due to the fact it sounds like the quartet are trying to bring the sky crashing down on your head. And it’s not just the wealth of complex leads that will make many guitarists petulantly sulk in the corner after a single exposure. It’s all of those elements – combined with great songwriting that makes the record truly special.”

“Formshifter” Billboard Chartpositionen:
#29 Billboard New Artist Chart
#88 Billboard Top Independent Albums
#99 Billboard Top Hard Music Albums

“But the members of Allegaeon are so monstrously talented—see the entwined guitar harmonics, machine-gun drumming, and even the occasional, not insufferably acoustic interlude on the group’s heavily NWOBHM-shaded second LP, Formshifter—that they dig their way out of the doldrums of mere proficiency.”

“The new face of ruthless modern death metal.” Metal Hammer Magazine

“a great band deserving of way more attention”

Formshifter is a bewilderingly powerful album that is an essential of the year.”

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