Those Who Lie Beneath

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Jamie: Vocals
Taylor: Guitar
Kyle: Guitar
Devon: Drums

Portland, OR is native to several hardcore and metal acts, but none quite like newly discovered Those Who Lie Beneath. Their recently released debut album “An Awakening” is a searing frontal lobe assault on the senses. Both lyrically and sonically, TWLB showcase a serious back bone in the world of metal. Lead singer Jamie Hanks earns wide eyes form eagerly throwing up horns and yelling “Hail Satan” at shows.

Wide eyes that deservedly satisfy the bands image; “What we’re trying to do is be not only as brutal as we can but as evil, man,” says Hanks. To get a grasp on the brutality Hanks refers to, visit the bands Myspace page ( and watch their live show at local hometown venue, the Satyricon. All antics and face melting forces seen here can be seen on the road all year long as the band plans to tour relentlessly.

Those Who Lie Beneath have only just begun. “I think we want it more. We want to do more with our music than a lot of these bands that are out now, seems like.” An eagerness to wow audiences matched with an un-flinching capacity to display pure fury, will surely be what allows TWLB to see their motives to the very end. These newcomers are unquestionably going to make sure the next time they’re acknowledged, it will be with a bloody mess.

Anyone with a palette for Between the Buried and Me and Job For a Cowboy will make “An Awakening” a welcomed addition to their play list. In a sea of recycled guitar riffs and generic metal recipes, TWLB standout as a band willing to push the boundaries and raise standards in today’s metal scene. For those willing to seek a breath of fresh air in the world of death metal, TWLB are the ones to satisfy and deliver with the most unrelentingly brutal album of the year.