Metal Blade Records signs European deal with L.A. Hard Rockers DC4 feat. Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint and former DIO guitarist Rowan Robertson!
Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of the L.A. Hard Rockers DC4!

Forming as the 21st Century became a reality DC4 came to be when Jeff Duncan met Rowan Robertson, the band's musical pedigree is virtually unrivaled by their peers. "Jeff and I met when a local promoter named Happenin' Harry asked us both to be in his backing back for a few shows in the LA area and in Chicago," relates Robertson. "When we got back to LA he just flat out asked if I wanted to join DC4 and we got along so well and played so great together that I just had to do it."

Jeff recalls that "I wasn't into the whole idea of auditioning guitarists, We would know the right one when he came long and that's exactly what happened. He was looking for the sort of situation we had to offer and as it turned out, we were looking for him!"

Having spent time in such bands as the legendary Dio, metal heroes Armored Saint, the short lived Violet's Demise and Odin, a band who had reached cult status by the end of the 1980's without ever leaving Hollywood, DC4 is much more than just your average hard rock act.

The band members of DC4 comment on the signing to Metal Blade as follows:

“Its an honor to be on Metal Blade records! I feel that we made a very honest and powerful record and to have it released by a label that shares our love for hard music is a blessing!” Rowan Robertson

”I am thrilled and honored beyond belief! I have been in the Metal Blade family as a member of Armored Saint for most of my career so to have DC4 welcomed into the fold is about as good as it gets!” Jeff Duncan

DC4 is:
Jeff Duncan - Lead vocals, guitars,
Rowan Robertson - Guitars
Matt Duncan - Bass
Shawn Duncan - Drums, percussion

DC4 will release their third longplayer ‘Electric Ministry’ in the summer via Metal Blade Records Europe. More news and updates on the album to follow soon!