Bolt Thrower's "Boltfest" raises $20,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust!
Bolt Thrower's birthday bash, Boltfest, has succeeded in raising a considerable sum for Teenage Cancer Trust*. The show held at the HMV Forum in London on April 7th, included an impressive line-up handpicked by Bolt Thrower: Autopsy, Discharge, Benediction, and Vallenfyre - all who, according to the band, helped 'contribute to great memories' throughout their 26 year career. All 2050 tickets sold out in just over 2 weeks, with the band hoping to achieve their target of 10,000 for TCT.

The band announced today: "The next piece of news, and the one which we're most proud of, is to let you all know the amount we've raised for Teenage Cancer Trust: 12,411.80 (approx 15,000 Euros / $20,000)!!!

The money has already been handed over to TCT, so on behalf of them we'd like to thank everyone who donated by participating in Boltfest."

Bolt Thrower previously spoke about their decision to stage Boltfest, "Anniversaries are kind of easy to achieve. For a band, just don't split up and you'll reach one, whether it's 10, 20 or 35 years. And this year we've reached '25 years of not splitting up!' We managed to stop others from making a big fuss about it, and didn't give in to the numerous offers and suggestions on how we should cash in on it! But it has made us appreciate the opportunities we've been given since 1986, and that we've been able to do everything we wanted to do without compromising in any way.

Obviously you can't charge people to come to your own birthday party, so as soon as we came up with the idea for Boltfest, we decided we should pay all the costs for the event ourselves. We also wanted to use Boltfest as an opportunity to do some good, and turn it into something more than just another show.

So we've decided to ask everyone to donate 5.99 to charity if they want to come to the party. This way, with your help, we hope Boltfest will raise 10,000 for a good cause!"

*Teenage Cancer Trust is a registered charity, no. 1062559 (England and Wales) and SCO39757 (Scotland).


BOLT THROWER announce Boltfest date and venue
As previously announced BOLT THROWER celebrate twenty-five years in action next year and will be throwing one hell of a birthday party. They have just announced where and when.

"Well, after meeting a lot of people and looking for suitable clubs, we've finally found a great venue along with some like-minded people to host the Bolty Birthday Bash BOLTFEST.

It will be held at the prestigious HMV Forum in London, on Saturday 7th April 2012 (Easter Bank Holiday weekend).

More info on tickets, bands, etc. coming soon."

Bolt Thrower

April 2012

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