"Sometimes being stereotypically metal is fitting. I'm not trying to break new ground; I just want to break people's necks… and have fun doing it" comments AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE creator Tim Lambesis. For anyone who doubts the barbaric and brutal nature of Austrian Death Machine, rest assured this band is truly 200% brutal. How can anyone argue Austrian Death Machine's pure savageness and testosterone filled manliness when you have Ahhnold, the strongest man in the universe and leader of many a mission filled with exploding chests, eyes bursting out of their sockets, and hands down the most classic one-liners you will ever hear, AND Tim Lambesis who can do a one armed push up while listening to Survivors 'Eye of the Tiger' (it's true, I’ve seen it)? Bottom line, AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE is still fast, still pissed, and still brutal. And yes every song still has a guitar solo. Just as listeners found with the release of Double Brutal, Total Brutal and A Very Brutal Chrismtas, Jingle All The Way continues along the same path offering fans: - A continuously fast paced tempo you can always circle pit to - The obvious build up to a breakdown you'll know how to mosh to - Classic sing-along’s to pile up and sing along with And yes… I would never leave out the obvious key component; cliché vocals that sound really angry!