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March 31st, 2023



Current Lineup:
Nergal: Vocals / Guitars
Orion: Bass / Vocals
Inferno: Drums / Percussion

Lineup on reissue:
Nergal: Vocals / Guitars
Baal: Drums
Les: Bass

The third release in the Slavonic Trilogy reissue series. Grom was originally released in 1996 and will be available on March 31, 2023, digitally, on CD, and Vinyl with pre-orders for physical copies starting today. The reissue is beautifully packaged and is available on the following formats: Digital, 2 CD media book, and a gatefold 2 LP. Physical formats include bonus audio material and booklets containing exclusive archival content. Bonus content contains these following rarities: cover versions, rehearsals, and live tracks.

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