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• Flotsam and Jetsam “Hammerhead”
• Metallica “Fight Fire with Fire”
• Queensryche “En Force”
• Fates Warning “Prelude to Ruin”

• Primordial “Lain with the Wolf”
• Amon Amarth “Coming of the Tide”
• Helloween “Keeper of the Seven Keys”

• Fates Warning “A Pleasant Shade of Gray
  Part VII”
• Twisted Sister “Sin After Sin”
• Michael Schenker Group “Victim of
  Illusion (Live)”
• Hammers of Misfortune “The Grain”

• Judas Priest “Victim of Changes (Live)”
• Queensryche “Eyes of a Stranger (Live)”
• Rush “2112″

AUGUST 2013:
• AC/DC “Inject the Venom”
• Kiss “Room Service (Live)”
• Black Sabbath “Symptom of the Universe (Live)”
• Black Sabbath “Megalomania (Live)”

• Iron Maiden “Rime of the Ancient
  Mariner (Live)”
• Iron Maiden “Phantom of the Opera (Live)”
• Jethro Tull “The Third Hoorah”
• Jethro Tull “Minstrel in the Gallery”

JULY 2013:
• AC/DC “Squealer”
• Aerosmith “Kings and Queens”
• Iron Maiden “Children of the Damned”
• King Diamond “Voodoo”
• Battlecross “Force Fed Lies”

• The Black Dahlia Murder “In Hell Is Where
  She Waits for Me”
• Hallows Eve “Plunging to Megadeath”
• Moxy “Sweet Reputation”
• Mercyful Fate “Satan’s Fall”

APRIL 2013:
• Queensryche “Eyes of a Stranger (Live)”
• Saxon “Hungry Years”
• UFO “Built for Comfort”
• Judas Priest “Tyrant”
• Alice Cooper “Halo of Flies”

• Alice Cooper “Muscle of Love”
• Iron Maiden “Phantom of the Opera”
• Lizzy Borden “Sins of the Flesh”
• Metallica “Disposable Heroes”

MARCH 2013:
• Dio “Shame on the Night”
• Styx “Miss America”
• Hallows Eve “Lethal Tendencies”
• Metallica “Motorbreath (Live in Paris)”
• Raven “Live at the Inferno”

• Thin Lizzy “Fools Gold”
• Tommy Bolin “Post Toastee”
• Rhino Bucket “Train Ride”
• King’s X “Groove Machine”
• Motorhead “Overkill”

• Killswitch Engage “My Curse”
• Ghost “Ritual”
• Whitechapel “I, Dementia”
• Unearth “Grave of Opportunity”

• Metallica “The End of the Line”
• Anthrax “The Devil You Know”
• Galaktikon “Prophecy of the Lazer Witch”
• Dethklok “Go Forth and Die”

• Loudness “Shadows of War”
• Pat Travers “Life in London”
• Savatage “Beyond the Doors of the Dark”
• Van Halen “House of Pain”

• King Diamond “The Puppet Master”
• AC/DC “Shot Down in Flames (Live)”
• Galactic Cowboys “No Problems”
• Rush “Cygnus X-1 Book 2 Hemispheres”

• Metallica “Phantom Lord”
• Sacrifice “The Great Wall”
• UFO “Lettin’ Go”
• Xciter “Paris Is Burning”
• Styx “Born for Adventure”

• Dio “Lock Up the Wolves”
• Diamond Head “Knight of the Swords”
• Deep Purple “Demon’s Eye”
• Jethro Tull “Minstrel in the Gallery”

• UFO “Let It Roll (Live)”
• King’s X “King”
• Omen “Ruby Eyes (Of the Serpent)”
• Armored Saint “False Alarm”
• Driver “Rock It to the Stars”

• Rex “Violent Playground”
• Angel Witch “Atlantis”
• Diamond Head “Dead Reckoning”
• Raven “Let It Rip”
• Guns N’ Roses “Coma”

• Black Sabbath “Thrill of It All”
• Black Sabbath “The Writ”
• As I Lay Dying “Electric Eye”
• Between the Buried and Me “Lunar Wilderness”

• Iron Maiden “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”
• Saxon “Fire in the Sky”
• King Diamond “The Family Ghost”
• King Diamond “The Storm”

AUGUST 2012:
• Fates Warning “The Appartition”
• Jethro Tull “No Lullaby”
• Legs Diamond “Rat Race”
• Deep Purple “Burn”
• Sweet “Sweet F.A.”

• Trouble “The Tempter”
• The Devil’s Blood “She”
• Faith No More “Digging the Grave”
• UFO “Let It Roll (Live)”

JULY 2012:
• Iron Maiden “Moonchild”
• Battlecross “Push Pull Destroy”
• Megadeth “She-Wolf”
• Rainbow “Gates of Babylon”

• Thin Lizzy “Black Rose”
• Charred Walls of the Damned “Zerospan”
• Slayer “Metal Storm / Face the Slayer”
• UFO “Rock Bottom (Live)”

JUNE 2012:
• Alice Cooper “Devil’s Food & The Black Widow”
• Accept “Princess of the Dawn”
• Be Bop Deluxe “Blazing Apostles (Live)”

• Armored Saint “Left Hook from Right Field”
• Arch / Matheos “Stained Glass Sky”
• Saxon “Midnight Rider”