Culture Killer streams new album, ‘Throes of Mankind’, via

- November 23rd, 2015 –

In anticipation of the release of their debut full-length, Throes of Mankind, this Friday (November 27th), Florida’s Culture Killer is now streaming the album in full online! Head over to to hear the record in its entirety:

Having just completed their North American tour with Whitechapel and Psycroptic, Culture Killer is now on the warpath to educate the masses about the world’s injustices, with their upcoming debut, Throes of Mankind. Through 10 tracks of pummeling metallic hardcore, the disgruntled quintet successfully delivers their message with violent, malevolent fervor. According to Culture Killer, this is their sole intention: “The band’s purpose is to bring attention to the harsh realities that some people choose to disregard, whether it be misinformation or ignorance . The presence of these injustices and inequalities have always existed, but we believe they need to be brought to the forefront of discussion and ultimately changed.
These topics include, but are not limited to, cultural decline, racism, child predators, domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse, and the impact of war on the human mind. The evils of the world and the lack of compassion between human beings and their own kind.
We hope that listeners leave with a firm understanding on how we feel about these subjects and join us in keeping them unveiled and visible.”

To pre-order Throes of Mankind, please visit:

“A poignant wake-up call and call for change, ‘Throes of Mankind’ is a genre-defining example of excellence that will have extreme music fans of all ages and styles throe-ing down in no time.”

“They provide all the stomp and crush of good death metal along with all the speed and nastiness of good grindcore. All around, these guys rule.”

“Their anger-infused riffs are sure to please hardcore and metal fans alike.”

Culture Killer online:

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