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Thomas Josefsson: Vocals
Janne K. Bodén: Drums
Vesa Kenttäkumpu: Guitars
Marko Palmén: Guitars
Martin Toresson: Bass

The Ancient Gate (1991-1992)
The Swedish Death Metal band EVOCATION was formed in the autumn of 1991 in Borås by Thomas Josefsson – bass, Jani Karvola – vocals, Marko Palmén – guitar and the two brothers Janne K. Bodén – drums & Vesa Kenttäkumpu – guitar. A few months later, EVOCATION parted ways with the vocalist Jani Karvola. Thomas filled the empty spot as vocalist but also left the bass playing in EVOCATION. In 1992, two demos were recorded. The first one was recorded in Sunlight Studio with demon-producer Tomas Skogsberg. It resulted in a three track and intro demo limited to 500 copies entitled The Ancient Gate. Later in an interview, Skogsberg named EVOCATION as “the best demo band he ever had recorded”. Before the second recording, Christian “Kricke” Saarinen reinforced the EVOCATION line-up as bass player. The second demo contained four tracks and was recorded in a local studio. Later on, both demos gathered cult status within tape trader communities and are nowadays considered as true gems from the early years of the Swedish Death Metal scene. After the recordings, EVOCATION did shows with current legendary Death Metal outfits such as Ceremonial Oath, Dark Tranquillity, Dismember, Liars in Wait, etc.

Dead – deceased, but life goes on (1993-2004)
In the beginning of 1993, EVOCATION had gained a reputation as a ferocious live band and was considered to be one of the most interesting Death Metal acts from Sweden. Creating their own unique mix of the Gothenburg and Stockholm Death Metal sound made waves in the Death Metal scene. Despite the fact that several labels contacted the band, EVOCATION was put on indefinite hiatus in the autumn of 1993 due to musical differences. In 2001, the band was contacted by BREATH OF NIGHT RECORDS (distribution by MERCILESS RECORDS) and in November 2004, EVOCATION returned from the dead and the two demos from the early 90′s were released worldwide as a full length, self-titled album.

Tales from the Tomb (2005-2008)
In the summer of 2005, EVOCATION was about to start rehearsing again. Before the reunion, bass player Kricke parted ways with the band since he neither had time or energy to start playing again. As a replacement, a new four stringed bender named Martin “Tore” Toresson was recruited in the summer of 2005. After having recorded a three track demo in 2006, EVOCATION inked a multi album deal with the German label CYCLONE EMPIRE RECORDS in the beginning of 2007. In April 2007, the Tales from the Tomb album with artwork by Dan Seagrave was released. TFTT earned massive appraisal all over Europe and was also voted as the 4th “Best album of the year” in 2007 by all journalists of Metal Hammer Germany. In support of the album, EVOCATION played numerous Summer Festivals including Wacken Open Air (DE) and Jalometalli Metal Music Festival (FI).

Dead Calm Chaos (2008-2009)
In October 2008, EVOCATION released the second full length album, Dead Calm Chaos which was recorded and mixed in the newly built EVOCATION Studio. DCC saw guest appearances of Anders Björler from At The Gates/The Haunted and Dan Swanö from Bloodbath/Edge of Sanity. Artwork and layout was done by Travis Smith (Slayer, Opeth). The album was hailed all over Europe and earned the number 1 position on sound checks in Germany (Legacy Mag) and Sweden (Close-Up). The success also secured EVOCATION a European Tour with Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and Obscura and major Summer Festival shows such as Summer Breeze Open Air (DE), Party.San Open Air (DE), Rock Hard Open Air (DE) & Kaltenbach Open Air (AT). EVOCATION also became signed with the international booking agency CONTINENTAL CONCERTS (Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth).

Apocalyptic (2010)
In early 2010, EVOCATION started to record the third full length album titled Apocalyptic. For the production of the new album the band has been working in EVOCATION Studio. Drums were produced with Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar). Mastering duties were once again handled by the excellent crew at Studio Mega (Sonic Syndicate, Katatonia). Cover artwork and layout were done by the Polish artist Xaay (Behemoth, Nile). After having established themselves as one of Sweden’s most important Death Metal acts, this album sees EVOCATION take Death Metal to another level both as musicians and also as songwriters. No one will be left untouched by Apocalyptic. The album will be promoted by the band with massive Touring and Festival shows. The European release is scheduled for the 29th of October through CYCLONE EMPIRE RECORDS. Apocalyptic will also be licensed in the US & Canada by METAL BLADE RECORDS and in Russia by FONO LTD.

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