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Ultimate-Guitar host premiere of new ARCH / MATHEOS music video for "Midnight Serenade"
First music video off of debut album, "Sympathetic Resonance", now live!

Directed by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye (The Devin Townsend Project, Amon Amarth, Kylesa, Helmet, etc.) "Midnight Serenade" marks the first music video off of the Arch / Matheos release Sympathetic Resonance, which was just released on September 13th via Metal Blade Records. Check the video premiere out exclusively on HERE.

Arch / Matheos' Sympathetic Resonance debuted at #13 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and at #36 on the Billboard Hard Music Chart while also hitting the international charts at #27 in Germany, #67 in Austria, and #78 in Switzerland. Arch / Matheos is the new progressive rock band featuring the talents of Jim Matheos (current member of the progressive rock powerhouse Fates Warning and OSI) and John Arch (former vocalist of Fates Warning) along with renowned drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Fates Warning, Sebastian Bach, Riot), bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Anthrax, Fates Warning, Seven Witches), and additional lead guitarist Frank Aresti (Fates Warning).

"a classy progressive metal album that shows the kids to do it properly… this is far too good to be a one off." Terrorizer Magazine

"Amidst its deeper complexities and more immediate hooks, there's a vibrant energy present that we usually don't hear from veterans who have literally been playing for decades." Decibel Magazine

"There is nothing easy about this album. You need to invest time and effort into listening to its many facets, peeling away the layers until you understand it completely. As ever, it's worth it." Prog Magazine

"a magnum opus of progressive metal that is packed to the rafters with virtuoso performances and dynamic arrangements that are accessible-even with track lengths in the double digits-for more than just diehard progsters." Outburn Magazine (10/10)

"The fusion of technicality and melody is like you've never heard before… we have THE BEST progressive metal release in 2011 and we all have to deal with it."

"When all is said and done, 'Sympathetic Resonance is inspired and therefore one of the best progressive metal releases of the year without a shadow of a doubt" Power Play Magazine

"Sympathetic Resonance is a wholly modern collection of powerful progressive metal songs that don't rely on keyboards, industrial effects or long bouts of subtlety. It's an album that is guitar-driven from start to finish, featuring an excellent rhythm section and the triumphant return of John Arch's unique vocal acrobatics."

"Sympathetic promises to be every good as advertised, with Arch rolling out his masterful vocals like it was 1986 (except with more restrain) and Matheos culling from his vast repertoire of heavy, but perky progressive metal riffs."

"Each musician brings great depth, complex layers, and powerful harmonies to the table with the end result being as dynamic as it is exciting" Drumhead Magazine

"Arch/Matheos bring heavy riff after heavy riff, brilliantly intelligent music that you can headbang to the entire time all the while bringing excitement into what is often a stale genre of music."

"For my money, Sympathetic Resonance is a strong contender for the progressive album of the year title. Any fan of progressive metal should check it out."

"The album as a whole is complex and challenging but also surprisingly easy to like. There are seriously heavy riffs, hooks, choruses, and melodies in abundance; they're just not served up on a platter for the lazy listener." Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Sympathetic Resonance" bears all the hallmarks that prog metal fans have come to expect: a smooth blend of simple-minded riffing run through the magnifying glass of the progressive metal scribe. Off-kilter drum cadences and unusual time signatures serve to inject some character into pieces that otherwise would be run of the mill overdriven guitar songs."

"If you are looking for something fresh, multifaceted, innovative and at its core heavy, then Sympathetic Resonance is a must for you."

"The album on the whole is a triumph, even at just under 55 minutes for six songs, there are plenty of things going on to stay interested… will likely be in many discussions for album of the year."

"Pick up Sympathetic Resonance: it's a remarkably rewarding listen for any fan of intricate progressive metal, and it reaffirms the fact that the Arch & Matheos pairing is as relevant to heavy music today as it was in 1986 -- fantastic stuff."

"truly is just about the highest level of musicianship going today in music period… an ultra-technical display that doesn't come along very often."

"very polished… technically-sharp, well done prog metal with balls"

"Bringing back the sound of early Fates Warning & early Queensr˙che to the sound of now, Sympathetic Resonance proves to be one of the finest metal offerings of 2011, and again, it's great to have Arch back."

"This is a forward-thinking album and the band lay on the heavy riffs thick and fast."

"The ardent fan of progressive metal will most certainly find him or herself going into convulsions over what might well be the prog metal album of the year."

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