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NOCTEM: set to release Oblivion through Metal Blade Records in North America!
Metal Blade Records is set to release Spanish black metal outfit NOCTEM's current release Oblivion in North America. Oblivion, which KERRANG Magazine (KKKK) dubbed as "authentic hymns for the lovers of the most extreme music" has been available only as an import until now. Oblivion is the second part to NOCTEM's previous release Divinity (check out the studio video HERE). A teaser video for Oblivion created by the band can be seen HERE and fans can preorder the album HERE.

The band comments on Oblivion, which will be available in North America October 25:
"The second part from the trilogy that started with Divinity is going to be the hardest, fastest and darkest opus from the band until the date. The album has been produced by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema, Ava Inferi, Anneke Vangiersbergen…) and recorded in the Ultrasound Studios 2 from Moita, Setubal (Portugal).

Lyrically, NOCTEM talks about Mesoamerican cultures, with special attention to the Maya. On this album the band expresses its opposition to the Spanish barbarity, strongly criticizing the colonization and the imposition of Christianity in the lands of the yukata. Again NOCTEM not hesitate to speak about the cult of blood, the low value of human life and the decrepitude of the mortal soul."

Cover artwork for Oblivion was created by Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian designer who worked with NOCTEM on Divinity's cover and is also known for his work with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Belphegor, Gorgoroth just to name a few.

Oblivion tracklisting:
1. Popol Vuh
2. The arrival of the false gods
3. Universal disorder
4. Abnegation and brutality
5. Invictus
6. Sons of Hun-vucub
7. Seeking the ruin of souls
8. Unredemption
9. Q'uma'rka'aa'j
10. A borning winged snake
11. Oblivion

Here is what press worldwide has already had to say about NOCTEM's Oblivion:
"A fantastic production … what a level!!!" Metal Hammer

"Two years removed from their debut full-length Divinity, Spain's NOCTEM are back with a vengeance. Their latest creation is Oblivion, a mighty opus of Blackened Thrash and Death Metal that spills as much onyx blood as it does scream forth a righteously enhanced sound. Fervent and intelligent, Oblivion is an appropriately superior successor to a strong debut that unfortunately fell upon too few ears. This time around: listen up. Your attention should be directed towards NOCTEM and their latest evolutionary stride." The Metal Observer (8/10)

"Oblivion remains a captivating and intriguing listen, its creators cranking out a seemingly effortless series of blackened hymns, controlled chaos and beautiful blasphemy that deserve a wider audience and greater exposure. On the strength of this album's nigh unstoppable energy and ferocity, they may just get it, too."

The Spanish death metallers have surpassed themselves this time with their new album. Not only is the brilliant artwork of the CD cover full of imagination, but also the songs themselves. NOCTEM goes out all guns and full of energy and power. The Whiplasher (10/10)

"Simply outstanding." (9.5/10)

"On the band's second album NOCTEM continues undeterred with the style which they debuted, forever securing a place on my CD shelf… We are dealing with a young band that have not invented anything new, but instead have taken something already known and upgraded it using a little creativity." (7/7)

"…what an Armageddonblast! This release is an 11 song and heavy nails, which leaves no wish unfulfilled… this second album the band has everything what others promise. The guys are gloomy, angry, aggressive and brutal, and always a little better than the competition." (9/10)

"'High-Energy High-Tech-Black-Death-Armageddon' is indeed a very appropriate name for this broad of an album. At the highest level and beat the Spaniards bludgeon through eleven tracks; a fast, aggressive, brutal, and just more extreme than the others." (8/10)

"Oblivion is the second album from Spain's premier blackened-death metal act NOCTEM, following on from their 2009 debut Divinity. After releasing their first album through Relapse Records, NOCTEM have since found themselves a new home on the UK's Rising Records, and have apparently upped their song-writing game tenfold along the way…With Oblivion, they've delivered an impressively heavy and accomplished record that, if there is any justice, should expose them to a much wider audience." Unchecked-Aggression .com


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