THE ABSENCE premier full album stream of 'Enemy Unbound' exclusively on Metal Sucks!
AGOURA HILLS, Calif. September 08, 2010 Metal Blade Records has teamed up with to exclusively premier a full stream of Tampa, Florida melodic death metal act THE ABSENCE's upcoming album Enemy Unbound starting today! Be sure to head over to to check out Enemy Unbound in its entirety before it even hits stores. If you like what you hear head over to the band's landing page and pre-order the album while there is still time to take advantage of the discounted prices. Enemy Unbound is available by itself or bundled with a t-shirt.

Track listing for Enemy Unbound:
1. Vertigo
2. Erased
3. Deepest Wound
4. Maelstrom
5. Enemy Unbound
6. Solace
7. The Bridge
8. Wartorn
9. Hidden in White
10. Vengeance and Victory
11. Triumph

"One thing is clear from the get-go on Enemy Unbound Peter Joseph and Patrick Pintavalle can still play the guitar like men who have sold a ball to Satan, continuing and developing the fine axemanship that characterized From Your Grave and Riders… [Enemy Unbound] continues the Absence's journey towards inevitable world domination."

"[The Absence] charges along like a crystal meth fueled buffalo stampede before breaking into a heartrending section of glacial leads and enormous melodies…" Outburn Magazine

"Florida's metal tribe hasn't had a group like The Absence leading the pack for a very long time. The scene itself seemed to level off after the 1990's into another breeding ground of typical brutal bands, yet The Absence have really improved from the generic 'blasterbation' squad into a special supernova of shining melody and scorching heaviness… The Absence is still improving within their genre and continues to stand original amongst their metallic counterparts."

The Absence is:
Jamie Stewart vocals
Peter Joseph guitar
Patrick Pintavalle guitar
Jeramie Kling drums
Mike Leon bass