BISON b.c. confirmed to hit the road Helmet this September!
AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - July 20, 2010 - The East Vancouver based band BISON b.c., who have been called "heavy as fuck" by Thrasher Magazine, have just confirmed a two-week plus tour with legendary alternative metal band Helmet, who are known for fusing Zeppelinesque riffing with a vehement post-hardcore precision, augmented by dense chords and offbeat time signatures. BISON b.c. will join Helmet when the tour kicks off on Wednesday September 8th in Sacramento, CA at Harlow's Night Club. The tour finishes up on Sunday September 26th at BriXton in Redondo Beach, CA.

Guitarist and vocalist James Farwell comments; " I first started listening to Helmet when I was doing bonelesses and acid drops wasted in back alleys with big pants and small wheels; a long fucking time ago. Now my body is a jerk, but I still think of them when I drop tune - it is a fucking god damn honor to tour with Helmet."

Sept. 8 Sacramento, CA Harlow's Night Club
Sept. 10 Oakland, CA The Uptown
Sept. 11 San Jose, CA The Blank Club
Sept. 13 Portland, OR Dante's
Sept. 14 Seattle, WA Showbox at The Market
Sept. 16 Vancouver, BC Venue
Sept. 18 Edmonton, AB The Starlite Room
Sept. 19 Calgary, AB Dickens Pub
Sept. 21 Casper, WY Downtown Grill & Venue
Sept. 23 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse
Sept. 24 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
Sept. 25 San Diego, CA The Casbah
Sept. 26 Redondo Beach, CA BriXton

BISON b.c. will be touring in support of their most recent release Dark Ages, which just came out via Metal Blade Records on April 13, 2010. Previous tours in support of Dark Ages have seen BISON b.c. out with bands such as High On Fire, Priestess, Baroness, and 3 Inches of Blood, just to name a few. Since its release, Dark Ages has been met by praise from fans and critics alike. Here is what critics have been saying about the band's third release and second for Metal Blade:

"Bison b.c. thinks as epic as prehistoric predecessor Mastodon, with Thin Lizzy corollaries and a hardcore fifth gear with vocals to match." The Austin Chronicle

"colossal, large, big as it gets, massive … They delivered a level of volume and energy that started everybody off six beers deep." Decibel Magazine

"Dark Ages is another strong outing from what is turning out to be a truly special band. More importantly for those in a constant pursuit of heaviness, Dark Ages is not the sound of the earth moving off its axis; it is the sound of Bison b.c. shoving it off with contemptuous rage."

"totally captivating."

"with flawless musicianship and thoroughly bad-ass riffs lurking around every corner, Dark Ages has much to offer the discerning metal head." Rock Sound Magazine (UK)

"Bison b.c. offers an unconventional mix of old-school punk and thrashy, swamp-water music that's perfectly crushing on all counts."

"Simply put, Bison b.c. have gotten even better at what they do, with vastly more memorable bits than before."

"Bison b.c., for those who don't know, have come to help you grow a beard, funnel beer, and in general feel alive again; slowly, for the most part, but still very much vital and downright dangerous if you allow their cascade of myriad Doom and Prog predilections to take you over utterly."

"How can one even begin to describe this monolithic, colossal, gargantuan beast of an album? The answer lies in another question you thought Mastodon was heavy? They look like Hannah Montana playing with Hello Kitty dolls compared to this sledgehammer of a band. No, seriously."

"These Canucks have this genuine, but we-don't-give-a-rat's-ass attitude to them that permeates Dark Ages and the still very imposing Quiet Earth. Two albums into the 'major' label career and they've yet to misfire. Look the fuck out."

"If there's anyone who still thinks Bison's only a 'stoner' band, they're in for a surprise. They're a band that can take it all over the map, but it always works in their favor."

"If there was a metal Olympics, Bison would wave Canada's flag on high while beer cans rained down upon our proud metal traditions."

"The show's real jewel however was almost an afterthought to most fans who showed up. That is until they crushed everyone within the distance of their various six senses. Bison b.c., a Vancouver based act, who come across as an old school stoner garage band going through midlife crisis. That is until they plug in and crank it up and then you see and hear how incredibly intense they are. These guys simply know how to have fun and you hear and feel the energy they dish out on stage in the crevices of their brand new release, Dark Ages."

"This is just over 45 minutes of intense, in your face, doom-metal steeped with old school punk and thrash, along with a touch of stoner metal to bring it all home. Dark Ages is sure to be a fan favorite, and will stand up will amongst its contemporaries. These guys aren't going away any time soon."

"If you're thirsty for unpretentious, balls-out, heavy-as-hell metal, this album is set to be the soundtrack to all your future raging keggers just don't come complaining to us at OneMetal if the adrenaline and testosterone unleashed by the record cause you to kick holes in your walls or anything."

"Sludgy, thrashy, thick and primal."

"Bison b.c. manages to create a musical narrative with monolithic doom and sludge buried riffs and vicious thrash raids. From galloping to crushing, the story's told through their chanting guitars and earth-pounding stampedes creating something accessible, yet unique. The compositions are never stale, variations and transitions are seamless and natural, but not all together predictable."

"Catching their performance knowing very little about the band is really THE way to behold Bison b.c.. They have a way of sending an unsuspecting audience member out of their live performances with a sense of awe and wonder that is the stuff of legend for the best live performers, the kind of live show you will tell your friends about for years to come."

"Dark Ages is a simmering, smoking, hulking, Tour-de-fuck-your-face-off"

Bison b.c. is:
James Farwell - Vocals/Guitar
Dan And - Vocals/Guitar
Masa Anzai - Bass
Brad Mackinnon - Drums