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Mysterious Swedish buzz band GHOST has announced that it will embark on its first ever North American tour this fall following the group's crowd-pleasing U.S. live promotional performances last week in Baltimore at the Maryland Deathfest and NYC. GHOST cult leader "The Ghoul with No Name" (who takes the stage in the form of "a satanic pope") and his anonymous ghouls will team up with Enslaved and Alcest for a three week trek that will launch on September 23 in Springfield, VA. GHOST will be touring in support of its debut album Opus Eponymous, which has been called "amazing" by Stereogum and "a primer on the creation of melodic hard rock" by The Big Takeover.

GHOST floored music fans with its first U.S. shows and served notice that it is not only a "band to watch" but will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. In its live review of GHOST's NYC headlining show, the Village Voice called the group's performance "lurching and menacing", saying "Ghost's sound is like heavy metal trapped in a state of suspended animation since 1973". A sneak peek at GHOST performing live can be viewed now as the band was captured on film by recent attendees of the band's black mass. Check out the band performing the song "Satan Prayer" as part of its May 29 headlining set at the 2011 Maryland Deathfest at this location.

GHOST's Opus Eponymous is a daringly fascinating combination of satanic rock music merged with an almost unthinkable pop sensibility. Enveloped in a shroud of mystery and standing anonymous beneath the painted faces, hoods and robes which their sect demand, the GHOST deliver litanies of pulsating heavy rock and stimulating lyrics which "glorify and glamorize the disgusting and sacrilegious". The music and philosophies of GHOST specifically target "individuals who have a void in their life perhaps caused by some form of emotional trauma or upset" (research suggests these are most likely adolescents); this dearth can then be alluringly filled by GHOST's music and philosophies.

Enslaved, GHOST, Alcest
09/23 Springfield, VA Jaxx
09/24 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Small's Theatre
09/25 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre
09/26 Boston, MA Middle East (downstairs)
09/28 Quebec City, QC Imperial de Quebec
09/29 Montreal, QC Café Campus
09/30 Toronto, ON Opera House
10/01 Columbus, OH Outland Live
10/02 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge
10/03 St. Paul, MN Station 4
10/05 Winnipeg, MB West End Cultural Centre
10/06 Regina, SK The Exchange
10/07 Edmonton, AB The Starlite Room
10/08 Calgary, AB Dickens Pub
10/ 10 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre
10/ 11 Seattle, WA El Corazon
10/ 12 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
10/ 13 San Francisco, CA Slim's
10/ 14 Hollywood, CA The Troubadour

As part of its June 2011 cover story on the band ("Haunting the Chapel"), Decibel, explained to readers just why "it's so easy to identify why the Underground's gaga" for the anonymous retro-metallers. To read more, pick up the issue which is available for purchase at this location.

In addition to "The Ghoul with No Name", GHOST is: Guitar - ???, Bass - ???, Drums - ???, Keyboards - ???, Chants - ???.

Updated GHOST news and information will be made available via the band's online domain:

"Sweden's GHOST have built up an impressive underground buzz during the last six months…an arcane occult feast" – DECIBEL

"'Opus Eponymous' is an extraordinary debut…Some bands might like to act "scary" by wearing filthy outfits, sporting corpsepaint, performing alongside impaled sheep's' heads, and splashing buckets of real blood on their fans, but just like how 'Rosemary's Baby' is so much more frightening than 'Saw', GHOST's comparatively understated method proves to be far more effective, not to mention creepy as hell." – POPMATTERS

"On its 2010 full-length, 'Opus Eponymous' (newly reissued by Metal Blade), Ghost threw the metal community a righteous curveball, combining the creepy theatricality of black metal—evil-clergy outfits, band members known collectively as a Group of Nameless Ghouls—with crisp, hook-crammed rock & roll. The Swedish band's output serves as a timely reminder that metal needn't be raw and chaotic in order to evoke a dark mood." – TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Stockholm's GHOST is a secretive group currently making waves across the heavy metal community. In one fell swoop, they've disinterred the genre's original form and given it a ghoulish update without sacrificing the reek of retro status. Their 2010 (and only) full-length "Opus Eponymous" has spread through the music world like a zombie plague, its catchy songwriting infecting the hearts of hard rock and pop fans almost as often as legitimate metalheads. "Opus Eponymous" resurrects the spirit of heavy metal's earliest incarnation, breathing into it devilish new life." – THE WASHINGTON TIMES

"All fans of true cult heavy metal should go apeshit over this. Sometimes you just have to admit that the devil has the best tunes." - VERBICIDE

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