RETURN TO EARTH announces street date; details on recording of 'Automata'
RTE's sophomore effort, 'Automata,' set to hit streets this August. The brand new track 'You Will Be Replaced' currently streaming on MySpace!

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - May 13, 2010 - Jersey-based aggressive hard rock outfit RETURN TO EARTH, featuring the talents of Ron Scalzo, Brett Aveni, and Chris Pennie (Coheed & Cambria, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan), are pleased to announce the release date of their sophomore release titled Automata which will be hitting streets this summer on August 17. Drums and vocals for Automata were tracked in Dover, NJ at Backroom Studios where drummer Chris Pennie regularly rehearses. Guitar tracks along with additional production were recorded in guitarist Brett's basement, which the band so affectionately refers to as "The Boiler Room" as the space acts as both a recording studio and housing for Brett's boiler.

Mixing for Automata was handled by Guns N' Roses' Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal who also happened to mix RTE's first album Captains of Industry and polished up what turned out to be quite an ambitious multi-track recording. Automata was self produced by Chris and Brett under their new production company, Fight Mannequins. Brett comments: "We wanted complete control over the proceedings, as we felt that only we knew what was best to get the songs across." Vocalist Ron Scalzo adds: "After going about the recording process modestly for our first album, Captains of Industry, we decided to up the ante for Automata - better studios and mics, more tracks, more gear - we wanted to create a heavier, denser sound with more dynamics this time around. Heavier and denser can be a nightmare without the proper mix, and our old friend Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal once again made magic with more tracks than most sane people would dare to blend together to make everything sound cohesive. With file management not necessarily being our 'strong suit', Mr. Thal once again outdid himself trying to piece all the madness together."

In honor of the upcoming release of Automata, RTE has posted the brand new track You Will Be Replaced on their MySpace page. Guitarist Brett Aveni recently posted a blog explaining the concepts behind each track on Automata, which is more a group of themes than a running story line that one would find with a concept album.

"(You Will Be Replaced is) about the tenuous nature of humanity - how easily replaceable we are, as workers, as partners - coming to the forefront; and our recognition and ultimate fight for survival against the technology that threatens to take over, against machine replacing mankind."

Check out the track You Will Be Replaced HERE and be sure to leave your comments on the band's wall. To read about the rest of the tracks on Automata, head over to Bald Freak Music's blog HERE.

Check out these video teaser clips for Automata and stay tuned for more info including track listing and cover art to be released in the coming weeks.

Trailer #1 HERE
Trailer #2 (NEW) HERE

Automata is the follow-up to the band's 2007 debut Captains of Industry and will be available in stores and online on August 17, 2010 (US and Canada).

About the band:
RETURN TO EARTH is the amalgamation of the musical talents of Ron Scalzo, Brett Aveni, and Chris Pennie; three veteran and visionary musicians whose material can't be pigeonholed to one genre or easily classified. You'll hear bits and pieces of their influences and other projects and those bits and pieces come together to form the unique whole that is RETURN TO EARTH.

All three members of RTE sport impressive musical resumes - Pennie, in particular, hones his craft as one of the most heralded drummers working today. His groundbreaking drum style provides the backbone for RTE's aggressive brand of rock. Pennie also wrote a lot of the material & contributed in the form of synth & loop programming. "Brett & I have been itching to work with Chris for years," admits Scalzo. "He's one of those prodigies that make the rest of wonder why we even bother trying to make music."

Brooklyn native Scalzo is no slouch in the music-making department, having achieved moderate success as electro-rock singer/songwriter Q*Ball. With three self-released critically-acclaimed albums under his belt, Scalzo has purveyed that moderate success and a lot of long hours into an underground DIY label, Bald Freak Music. The upstart's growing roster includes Guns N' Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, who releases his impressive solo work on the label, and buzz-worthy pirate metal band Swashbuckle.

"You blink your eyes these days & the industry has already shifted another 30 degrees to the left," says Scalzo. "I was tired of playing 'the game' trying to fashion an image, a look, a musical style that would impress all the wrong people. I wanted to make music that I wanted to make, and the only way I was going to do that on my own terms was to release it myself."

Ron Scalzo - Vocals
Brett Aveni - Guitars
Chris Pennie - Drums

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