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ALLEGAEON debut new video for "Biomech" on!
Fragments of Form and Function available now!

Allegaeon is proud to announce they are releasing their brand new video for the song Biomech from their album Fragments of Form and Function on the massive horror destination! The video can be seen now HERE. While you're there, enter to win a killer prize package, including: an ammo box, "Fragments" t-shirt, Fragments of Form and Function CD, Allegaeon EP CD, 12" decal and a signed poster.

Photos from the behind the scenes of the video shoot, as well as the meaning and story for the lyrics behind Biomech, as described by vocalist Ezra Haynes, can be seen now along with the video on!

Fragments of Form and Function was released in July of 2010 and has been praised by critics ever since. Allegaeon is currently planning tour dates for the Summer and Fall of 2011, so keep checking back for updates.

"Allegaeon seem to have mastered the art of holding back from too many indulgent displays of fret-melting wizardry, preferring to use their self-evident technical prowess sparingly and enhancing its impact as a result. When everything gels, Allegaeon sound like real contenders." Metal Hammer Magazine

"Their style and talent are producing some of the more technically appealing melodic death metal coming out of anywhere in the U.S." Hails & Horns Magazine

"Fragments of Form and Function has it all: memorable songs, brutal delivery, stone cold groove, and accomplished playing. It is a good bet that the critics will dub Fragments of Form and Function one of the best modern metal albums of the year." 9/10, Outburn Magazine

"This is, without a doubt, one of the best debut albums ever made. The first full-length effort from Allegaeon is a fluid blend of technical and melodic death metal that most first attempts canít even touch. Even greater things seem inevitable from this band."

"Allegaeon deserves your immediate attention."

"The vocals are comparable to Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, as well as some of the instrumental aspects. There are Dream Theater sections of solo after mind-blowing solo, and some parts reminiscent of Killswitch Engage. There is something about life, philosophy, and this world that can be learned just by listening, and that is not something we come by frequently."

"Normally I think fret-jumping riffs and sweeps are something that should be dialed back, but when the band have material like these to sink their teeth into, listening to them gnaw it down to the bone is often thrilling."

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