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Goatwhore premiere new music video on Bloody Disgusting
"When Steel and Bone Meet" video shot at the infamous House of Shock in New Orleans!

Head over to to check out the worldwide premiere of the new music video for When Steel and Bone Meet, shot with David Brodsky of My Good Eye at the infamous house of horrors, the House of Shock in New Orleans, LA. Be sure to catch the New Orleans, LA natives when they hit the road this summer as a part of the Summer Slaughter tour with label-mates Cannibal Corpse, which goes down after they finish up their European run with 3 Inches of Blood.

GOATWHORE debuted on Billboard Magazine's Top 200 Current Albums chart coming in at #171 with their latest release Blood for the Master, which sold over 3,100 copies in its first week. Blood for the Master, which just hit streets on February 14, also debuted on the following Billboard charts: #4 on the Heatseeker (New Artist) chart, #12 on the Current Hard Music chart, #21 on the Hard Music Chart (overall**), and #31 on Top Independent Albums chart and hit iTunes Rock chart at #19*. Blood for the Master also hit charts in Canada coming in at #142 on the Top 200 Current Albums chart, #18 on the Hard Chart, #1 on iTunes Metal*, #17 iTunes Rock*, and #152 iTunes Top 200*. (*iTunes numbers from street date - **chart includes catalog)

Hereís what press has had to say about the bandís latest release, Blood for the Master:

"Blood for the Master reeks of blasphemy, brimstone, Jagermeister and fire… more riffs, more plutonium-grade heaviness and more of the extreme metal genre-blending that made Carving such an enjoyable kick in the teeth." Decibel Magazine

"Blood for the Master is free of irony, pretentiousness, and bullshit… No frills rarely gets more satisfying than this."

"They still cherry pick the best elements from the fertile fields of black, thrash and death, but they've set their sights on classic metal this time round, and its influence shows in the comparatively straightforward thrills contained in this offering" 4/5 Kerrang Magazine

"This combination of ingredients ó old-school riffage, modern sheen, charismatic singer, insanely metaaal imagery ó makes for a record thatís almost impossible not to like."

"Led by the premier riffin' rhythm work of Sammy Duet and Zack Simmons, and foisted above tinny black-metal mediocrity courtesy of Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal)'s megalithic production, Blood for the Master stands as Goatwhore's most interesting album in years and comes highly recommended." SLUG Magazine

"Theyíre tenacious, seemingly indefatigable, and continuously searching for that seamless synthesis of menacing malevolence and murderous musicality."

"If somebody could capture the speed of the harshest winds in the Antarctic they might come close to understanding the High Rocktane insanity of Goatwhore."

"Goatwhore have released what is easily the best album of their career."

"Thereís more fantastic thrash moments mixing in nicely with the core black metal sound and the repetition isnít there as much this time around. Itís a dirty, grimey record but catchy as hell and well worth the attention itís getting. So yeah, Iím just like everyone else and tossing this one on my short list for best album of 2012."

"There may be other bands who tout this black/death style, but very few can make it both catchy and devastating. Goatwhore have been getting better as the years wear on, and this album established them as a metal band not to be ignored."

"this is one of the best straight-up Metal releases Iíve heard in a long time." 9/10

"an album that can only be described as an unholy harmony of pure, savage metal." Lithium Magazine

"Itís a punishing and thunderous listen hellbent on relentless forward velocity."

"Blood for the Master is a record that twists and turns effortlessly; each of the tracks are direct, passionate and emptied of frivolous, extraneous melodrama. This is ferocious, menacing and utterly beguiling stuff."

"Catchy yet menacing riffs exude punk rock attitude and a variety of rhythms, tempos and song structures make for a completely entertaining listen." Exclaim Magazine

"For those that continue to compare them to Celtic Frost mark this day on your calendar: Blood For The Master is the day Goatwhore far surpassed this clichťd reference and became the kings of their own nightmare."

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