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DAWN OF ASHES launch font & video contests!
The ghoulish immortals that comprise the extreme horror metal outfit known as DAWN OF ASHES (DoA) have launched a contest giving fans the chance to design the band’s new font or create their next music video. Think you have what it takes to create the best new font or new music video for the band? Then submit your ideas to and be sure to follow the details listed below. All contestants will have a chance to win a signed prop from the music video Transformation Within Fictional Mutation, which was produced by Robert Kurtzman's (KNB EFX founder, special effects legend, director) PRECINCT 13, who also handled the special effects, with directing duties wielded by David H. Greathouse (special effects master, film director, and music video director behind Mushroomhead's videos) . Please read below for more details and submit all ideas to:

Font details:
** The only letters that should be capitalized are the “D” in Dawn, the “O” in of, and the “A” in Ashes.
** The font must have an ancient / occult appearance, with a touch of "Horror" to it.
** Must be very detailed and unique.

Music video:
** Must relate to the title of the track.
** Must be off the album Genocide Chapters.
** Must fall under these categories: Dark, Morbid, Disturbing, Evil, Sacrilegious, and Horror.

The band will meticulously go through all entries and pick the winner themselves. The deadline for this contest ends by February 28 2011 so be sure to get your ideas in now!

Here's what press has been saying about DoA's current full-length album GENOCIDE CHAPTERS so far:
"DAWN OF ASHES —a horror metal group complete with flesh-eaten faces—are 100 percent melodic death metal. And what works for this band (unlike so many of their counterparts) is that the songs here aren't built around the strengths of any one member. Vocals aren't over-the-top, solos aren't soul-sucking and the drummer doesn't go nuts on the China cymbal during breakdowns… the ability to play Chapters over and over and not get sick of it shows that this band is doing a lot right." Decibel Magazine

"A whirlwind of eerie melodic black metal" Revolver Magazine

"There is something here that can't be ignored."

"Opening in a blaze of anarchic mayhem, 'Conjugation of the Maskim's Black Blood' sets the benchmark, which continues with the black metal 'The Ancient Draining Room'…With lyrics dealing with all manners of evil, vocalist Kristof Bathory will scare the crap out of you with his delivery. It's definitely an album worth listening to though, just maybe not before bed." Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"Vile orchestrators of auditory darkness"

"A Haunting, Evil Masterwork… DAWN OF ASHES sounds like melodic/symphonic black metal veterans on Genocide Chapters. The band pulls off this sound with ease, constantly amazing the listener as they embark on a dark and nightmarish journey." 4/5 Sea of

"If you ever have a craving for a dosage of evil, Genocide Chapters is one of the best places to turn… It never gets repetitive or boring, while still maintaining a worthwhile playtime. It also doesn't hurt that Genocide Chapters is an extremely diverse album in terms of tempo, arrangements, and general moods… They really hit the nail on the head with this release, and I have to applaud them for taking a big risk, and more importantly, succeeding tremendously." 4/5 Metal Music

About the band:
Deep from within the bowels of the earth an unholy quartet rises, hell-bent on bringing the metal masses a new form of dark, heavy and demonically devastating music sure to strike fear into the hearts of the bravest of men and bring the weakest to their knee. Kristof Bathory, Volkar Kael, Bahemoth and Othuum, four vile forms that control a new era in which nightmares become reality and the sounds of the macabre merge to form a catastrophic symphony, have summoned forth the sounds and visions of horror, hatred and suffering that is spewed forth in the name of chaos to create the extreme horror metal attack that has come to be known as DAWN OF ASHES- a name created to reflect upon the birth of death and failure, that which was once only an unspoken nightmare, but now is an unstoppable plague come to corrupt the flesh of man…

Since DoA's arrival in 2001, the band's goal has been to dominate the music scene with a sonic force so vile and evil the listener will be both entranced and terrorized by the sheer ferocity the band delivers. DoA does so by conjuring new sights and sounds into the world of extreme melodic-death metal, an ambitious feat that will have to be experienced to be believed when the outfit hits the road in support of their current full-length Genocide Chapters with none other than symphonic black metalers Dimmu Borgir (along with Enslaved and Blood Red Throne) on a 32-date run across North America.

This horrific act entered the studio in the winter of 2010 to record their Metal Blade debut with producer Fred Archambault, known for his work with Avenged Sevenfold, Death By Stereo, Eighteen Visions, and many more. Handling the cover art for Genocide Chapters is Machine-Room (My Dying Bride).

It's time for a new chapter in metal to DAWN, so prepare yourself for total aural annihilation as the ASHES will never rest upon the weak, and our evil will never die…

Kristof Bathory (horrid screams / keyboards)
Volkar Kael (guitar)
Othuum (bass guitar)
Bahemoth (keyboards)

Visit DAWN OF ASHES online at,,,,

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