GWAR, the most notorious band in shock-rock history and self-proclaimed masters of Earth, stand poised to launch their latest musical massacre as the release date for their 13th studio album, "Battle Maximus", looms ever closer. As the human race prepares for the long-awaited follow-up to their master's last record, the critically-acclaimed "Bloody Pit of Horror", GWAR and their legion of Slaves are busy as evil beavers as they put the finishing touches on an entirely new cycle of music, murder, and mayhem. Our Antarctic overlords are ready once again to assail the planet with their entirely unique and singularly savage brand of mutated metal, spewing sinister symphony's of cacophonous creativity in their quest to subject the entire world to abject and utter slavery. Again!

"Battle Maximus" was conceived and recorded over the last year at the bands self-operated Slave Pit Studios, and was mixed by veteran metal producer Glen Robinson and mastered by the matchless Howie Weinberg. It features twelve brand-new tracks of sonic sedition guaranteed to make even the most hardened GWAR fans head explode, merely by looking at the packaging. With songs like "Madness at the Core of Time", "Torture", and "They Swallowed the Sun", the album not only tells the next chapter in the never-ending story of GWAR, but also stands as a tribute to the band's long-time guitar player, the incomparable Flattus Maximus, who left Earth and returned to the cosmos to fulfill his glorious destiny almost two years ago.

Rather than attempt to emulate the un-matchable sound of Flattus, who had led the band from the depths of clown-rock to the elite tier of top-notch metal acts with a series of bone-crushing recordings starting with 2000's "Violence Has Arrived", Oderus and company struck out in a bold new direction. Enlisting the aid of Pustulus Maximus, cousin of Flattus, who wrested the right to join forces with GWAR after waging the epic "Battle Maximus", GWAR has created one of their most awe-inspiring albums to date, one that is sure to join the ranks of "Scumdogs of the Universe" and "Lust in Space", as the ultimate expressions of GWAR's contempt for modern society and the hypocrisy and horror of a world gone mad.

Get ready, human scum...GWAR is coming...all over your face!