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Michael Bastholm Dahl: Vocals
Michael Stützer: Guitars
Morten Stützer: Guitars
Peter Thorslund: Bass
Josua Madsen: Drums

Artillery was formed in Copenhagen in 1982, and released their debut album “Fear of Tomorrow” in 1985 and the follow-up, “Terror Squad,” in 1987. Afterwards, the band saw a turbulent time with line-up changes, but by 1990 the band released the much acclaimed “By Inheritance” record. Artillery released their final effort with singer Flemming Rønsdorf in 1999 called “B.A.C.K.”

Fast forward to 2007: the band reformed with singer Søren Adamsen and released “When Death Comes” in 2009 and was followed by “My Blood” in 2011. The year 2012 saw a change in line-up, when founding member and drummer Carsten Nielsen decided to leave, shortly followed by singer Søren Adamsen.

Two new member where recruited in late 2012 with Josua Madsen being the new drummer and Michael Bastholm Dahl the new singer. The band headed off to Miami to perform at the Barge to Hell metal cruise. Work on new material was already underway and after a successful European tour in May 2013, the band entered Medley Studios with acclaimed producer Søren Andersen at the mixing board.

With the new album recorded in June 2013, the band stands strong and ready to unleash their metal upon the world. A US tour is booked, as well as a South American tour, so the future looks bright and big plans have been made. Artillery is coming your way and ready to embark on a new chapter!

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