Cirith Ungol
"Paradise Lost"
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Available Worldwide October 7th, 2016


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Tim Baker: Vocals
Jim Barraza: Guitars
Vernone Green: Bass
Robert Garven: Drums

The story of 'Paradise Lost' as per Robert Garven (drums):

"The saga of Cirith Ungol's fourth album is true to its namesake "Paradise Lost". Like a classic Greek tragedy, it is an epic tale filled with pain, challenges, battles, lost opportunities, and final redemption. It contains a cast of heroes and villains, playing out their parts on a stage of metal, at a time when hair bands and speed metal were in vogue.

The seeds of this project grew from the fertile soil that was the aftermath of "One Foot in Hell". After its release the band immediately started work on their fourth effort "Paradise Lost". This was planned to be a concept album, and the album cover and theme had already been selected.

After its release the original record company could not secure distribution in Europe, and they released the band from its 3 album deal. Shortly thereafter, several of the remaining members left out of frustration. However, a few original members kept the fires of Ungol burning, closely guarded in its secret lair. They waited for the time when the stars were right, and the Great Old Ones were ready for it to come crawling out from its ancient crypt, back upon the metal stage. As of this writing, the being called Ungol has arisen to take its rightful place in the pantheon of true metal, and calls forth the Legions of Chaos to stand by their side to usher in its final act."

'Paradise Lost' track listing:
01. Join The Legion
02. The Troll
03. Fire
04. Heaven Help Us
05. Before The Lash
06. Go It Alone
07. Chaos Rising
08. Fallen Idols
09. Paradise Lost
10. Join The Legion (alt mix) - CD only!
11. The Troll (alt mix) - CD only!
12. Before The Lash (alt mix) - CD only!
13. Chaos Rising (alt mix) - CD only!
14. Paradise Lost (alt mix) - CD only!

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