40 Watt Sun is the new music project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Patrick Walker, best known for his previous band, Warning. 40 Watt Sun sees Patrick Walker accompanied by drummer/percussionist Christian Leitch, best known as the guitarist and founder-member of London-based band The River, and bass player William Spong.

40 Watt Sun made their live debut at a small, intimate show at the Scream Lounge, London, on the 20th December 2009 playing with the London-based band Wake.

The music is characterized by distorted guitars, down-tempo rhythms and strong melodies, and by Patrick Walker's introspective lyrical themes and poignant vocals.

40 Watt Sunís debut album, The Inside Room, was recorded over three days and nights at The Library Studio in London, produced entirely by the band and engineered and mixed by bassist William Spong. It features five new songs of original material.

"Those who worship the likes of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Pagan Altar may already count Warning amongst their favorite bands, and anyone with an ear for melody and appreciation for gloomy atmospheres, crushingly heavy riffs and raw, emotional lyrics would do well to follow suit. While they ride as slow and heavy as any proper doom band should, the bandís true power lies in Patrick Walkerís aching vocals. His clear, quivering voice personifies a soul laid bare, and his relentless sorrow is almost overwhelming in its naked honesty. The English trio are still much beloved, and deeply mourned as the fallen high kings of UK traditional doom. Their second album, 2006ís Watching From A Distance, was Warningís last breath, and still stands as one of the most hallowed slabs of wax within the modern doom pantheon. Now, after years of silence, Walker has returned with a new project, after keeping legions of doom fans pissing themselves with anticipation for ages. Finally, 40 Watt Sun have arrived. The band (which is rounded out by Christian Leitch and William Spong) will be releasing their debut album, The Inside Room, on Cyclone Empire on March 4, 2011, and brother, it was worth the wait. Fans of Warning will be wholeheartedly satisfied and doom Ďheads of every stripe owe it to themselves to check this out. Happily (did I mention Iím a massive Warning fan?) there are a great deal of similarities between 40 Watt Sun and its predecessor, but The Inside Room features a greater emphasis on atmosphere and acoustic passages as well as a cleaner, more modern-sounding production than Watching From A Distance. Walkerís voice is as strong and emotive as ever, though this time around, it sounds as if heís found a shred of hope shining through the darkness. He deserves it." MetalSucks.net